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Sorry I haven't been active very much, I have been working on a drawing lately (that should be finished soon if I continue with it late into the night). Anyway, I have been in a weird thing where I'm in my bedroom a lot (I have no idea why, does anyone know or have experience with this).
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a commission for two of my tier 3 patrons [that are wonderful close friends]. hope they enjoy.

be sure to support me on patreon or leave a donation if you like my work !

also, feel free to join my server if you'd like to hang out with my community and I !

twxtter post:
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god damn computer, on my side of the screen shows it being low quality.
anyways this is a green ribbon, a sign of mental health awareness, I want to spread the awareness to prevent further suicide and have ones with depression know they aren't alone, and they are known, (Damn! Dr. Suess?) as in we know their pain and we can be there with them. I suffer Mild Anxiety I have a slight understanding on the anxious ones, I think I also suffer a very VERY small sliver of depression. overall, I want to spread awareness, so we don't suffer more problems every day, the average suicide rate is 18 minutes, every 18 minutes someone commits suicide, I want to bump that up to at least 24 minutes, maybe if it's possible an hour.
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Featuring some WoF OCs!
take my word for it
this is the best thing I've ever read
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Tired serious x straight up chaotic dumbass
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Chicken nugget
Chicken-chicken nugget-nugget
Chicken nugget
Chicken-chicken nugget-nugget
Chicken Nugget Dreamland, whoa-oa-oa
It's a chicken nugget fantasy
Chicken Nugget Dreamland, whoa-oa-oa
If you're into nuggets, it's where you want to be
Chicken Nugget Dreamland, whoa-oa-oa
Infinite flavors of infinite sauce
Chicken Nugget Dreamland, whoa-oa-oa
You can get a million piece box
Chicken nugget
Chicken-chicken nugget
A chicken nugget has magical power
Put it into your pocket, and eat it whenever you want
So delicious and conveniently shaped
Full of nutrition, a rainbow in nugget form
Chicken nugget technology
Shows us the future of dining
They've got no sharp edges
And no utensils are needed
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mmmm cake
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Mig-17 fighter jet
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Pop goes the bullet
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Classic Italian rifle
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sup yall , im back
i was never rlly gone tbh I jus kinda stoped posting

imma try to post more now tho
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Adolf Rizzler was one of my homies, he handed me his photos before he died, I found one in the shipment
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I did the funny
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This is Tweezie, Tweezie is a cutie! 
This is not mine! It is SundaeCorner's
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me and a best friend made it in spanish class lol
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I have decided to do 3 IQG posts every day (that I can post).
*evil laugh*
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I tried so hard not to burst out laughing while reading this XD

gOoGlE dOcS UwU
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Welcome to a new series! I'm sure the IQG (Incorrect Quote Generator) series is going to kick off. I will do my protos as well as my WoF and WC OCs!
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The title is correct. I'm hanging up this account and leaving it as a museum for my adventure on this platform. I'm not 100% active here so follow zackthegento on Twitter to interact with me more often. Take this meme
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Such a happy little bean :)
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I have returned after a long while.
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Such a fluffy toaster :)
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Kylow (center) giving a hug to Matt (left)
Unfortunately he forgot about Hudson.
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I've come across an inconvenience. So I unfortunately got a crush in school, I want her to know, but I find it awfully difficult because of MULITIPLE possibilities, and I don't want to get overwhelmed with humiliation, which results in another problem I got. I'm a little sensitive, unfortunately.. I want her to know in my theatre class since it's the only one I have with her, I don't believe I'm even acquainted with her either, she sits by two gossipers, they will hear me and then the next period will know I tried confessing my liking to her friend. Problems after problems! If the next period knows they will start fucking with me about it! It WILL be overwhelming! Slowly but surely I'm panicking typing this because of so many fucking problems for one god damn sentence!!
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I was bored alright?
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Whitey and Shinku shenanigans part 2 the shenaniging.
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Thank you NeptuniumLoaferz for the inspiration.
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So safe
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I know BK does.
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Looooore Section.

Our planet was once a peaceful world, but then began the war. Between the Protas who fought for freedom, and the Protestants fought for tyranny. There was a ship that carried a precious cargo, a hope. A hope that was lost forever.
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Kinda like transformers
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listen to this while reading-->

I fired my m1014 at the last person here face, no more head for ‘em now. I walk over the bodies of my enemies whose heads and limbs have been shot, blown, kicked in, ripped apart. Empty bullet casings of assorted sizes rolled out of my path as I walked. Rifles and pistols lay discarded or in the hands of the owner. Blood painted the walls like a red masterpiece. I reached the elevator at the end of the hallway and looked at the dead juggernaut. The juggernaut head has been ripped off by me; his suit is a standard Russian mercery uniform with the insurgency’s emblem sewed on. I pressed the top floor Button, and the door closed once I entered. I look at myself in the mirror at my NBC suit; bloody at the hands and from the knees down. Me a Synx, known to infiltrate houses and such with ease, always smug or smiling. The very reason is that I wear masks, to hide what they made me become, But I'll make them pay...
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The head will be made later on. patches on the vest will be shown here 
also will post the synx's story on the completed post
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As you can see, Whitey used to be a A 10 pilot, he was discharged for some reason, so we went off on his own then the virus came in. For the lore challenge I have up, you only have to figure out the lab section. But this lore might come in handy, ever wondered why he is a little more on guard as seen in the lab exploration picture?
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When she was spawned, she was confused at how the world works. She was spawned farther away from her parents than any protogen had ever been. She could not find her makers, and was lost. Thankfully, she was near the sea, allowing her to adapt to water at a young age.
As a “teenager”, she was clever, clumsy, and a bit of a trickster. She pulled pranks on all of her friends and was hard to catch, and even harder to trick back.
Now, she’s more mature but still energetic as always. She loves her friends and will do anything to protect them. Chlorine still hasn’t found any relatives, but her friends are all she needs now.
She has a minor crush on Hi-Lite, who does not know, thankfully.
|Base by MarshmallowLemons on DeviantArt|
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Time for a fIlLeR pOsT eheheh! So here's Chlorine's lore.
Chlorine is a female Aquatic protogen who goes by the pronouns She/Her. She is Polysexual, meaning she has an attraction towards females, males, genders outside the binary, and others along those lines.
She does not have a known age and her memory data is at 34% full. She is 47% corrupted and glitches are very infrequent. Chlorine has never shown her face to anyone behind her hologram mask. She is quick– both with her wit and with her speed.
Her tail is filled with water and is made entirely of hard glass from the point where it connects to her body to the tail tip. The fin on her back is the same. She wears a silver earring on her left ear and a silver bracelet on her right wrist. She is left-handed.
|Base by MarshmallowLemons on DeviantArt|
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I completely forgot about this place for a good while but hey, I’m bacc babeh. Anyway he has camo now
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Unfortunately I have lung cancer, and the doctors estimated I have a bit of time left. These past few years on here have been the best years of my life. Thank you all for keeping me going. Now, my time is running out, so I’m likely gonna go forever offline as I try to finish up my bucket list. It’s been a good run, guys.
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just gotta have a few things figured out
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So... here is the explanation about Lipe's enraged state...

So... the enraged state enables once Lipe gets very annoyed by someone, or when he's feeling weak during a fight, that enraged mode can give him a lot more strenght, speed and agility, its very hard to enable that mode by annoying Lipe because he's very chill, and hardly gets annoyed by something, the easiest way to enable it is by winning against him on a battle (that would make Lipe weak and enable his enraged state)
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The dates are made in the order: Day/Month/Year btw (every unknown year is very, VERY MUCH before this year, so dont expect it to have happened recently)

23/07/??? - A strange person with unknown name created a yellow protogen, giving him the hability of enraging, he was named as Lipe

01/08/??? - Lipe's owner had an accident, instantly killing him, leaving Lipe alone, but Lipe was already smart enough to do things on his own (AND YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW WHY)

02/08/??? - Lipe decided to build another protogen so he wouldn't be alone, that other protogen was named as Pom (Pom's lore will be in other post)

06/09/??? - Lipe found a strange looking green flaslight, and "borrowed" it

31/09/??? - Lipe used his enraged mode for the first time

24/12/2022 - Lipe met another protogen called Onyx (Onyx is my best friend's OC lol-)

It is unknown if any other main events happened to his life...

29/10/2023 - Lipe's life is still going completely normal, it is unknown if any other event will happen
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Three lore hints, thank Everest folf
Hint one
Whitey went to explore the lab, the only piece of lore your goal is to figure out, to find specific things about his kind
Hint two
The desktop picture I got, take a look at the colors used for text and you'll find out what the virus transfered to, the desktop has very useful stuff.
Hint three
Whitefolf didn't give Whitey the virus. I'll give you this thing, He has a brother Jack Skurks, he has a sister, Marina Skurks, who sounds more intelligent? That's who gave Whitey the dangerous virus.
If you couldn't read it, Reeces said
"Hints in desc, thanks Everest."
"That art is expected soon lad."
If you didn't know, Reeces is British American.
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"my goal is to prove I am more powerful, he may have knowledge, he may have those 'protos' he loves so much, will he love them after they kill him?"
[Classified] Skurks [Classified]
 Report, Target killed, we still have to find the victim.
-Sundown City S.W.A.T

Little challenge, if you figure out this small piece of Whitey lore, you may receive a free drawing of your sona, there will be three winners, you may use previous posts to your advantage, if you give a small drawing, a big lore hint will be revealed, this ability may be used only once by anyone, if the drawing is NSFW, the winner will receive an extra piece of art for making me go through that but three hints will be revealed in one post.
You may participate or leave anytime. Just not at the end, the final post of lore will let you know if it is final, and then I will select the winners that were the closest, please let me know if you are participating to allow me to throw you on my leaderboard.
Time is ticking people!
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Chroma met Whitey right when his rough days started to hit, Whitey eventually grew closer to Chroma, and he asked the famous question, Chroma couldn't say no! He had a crush on him!
But overall, Chroma helps Whitey through his darker days and had fun with him on the brighter days, and sometimes has a LOT of fun if you know what I mean (⁠;⁠^⁠ω⁠^⁠)btw a little challenge for you! If you can figure out this small piece of Whitey lore, then you may receive a piece of art with your sona all over it, there will be three winners. To start this challenge, go to all the whitey lore pictures I got, some descriptions can help you! Hehe! >:3
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This piece is when Whitey was exploring the lab he came from which is worn down and such, he comes across proto 991 and got into a fight.
Whitey Injuries:
Broken arm
Lost piece of ear
Multiple scratches and cuts
Broken visor
15 4
Critical is a from the year 2098. While other Protogens live to fight in intergalactic battles and supervise spaceships, Critical prefers a more... relaxed lifestyle. He "enjoys" raging at video games, his favorite being an ancient video game he ripped from a ROM called Fallout: New Vegas. Its this particular game that inspires Critical to travel back in time to see what life was like before. However, by using and unstable time machine, he accidentally goes back to the wrong year: 2022. Lost and (afraid might not be the correct word... annoyed?), he comes across a group of friends that show him the ins-and-outs of this forgotten time. Does Critical worry that he may never be able to go back to his old time? NAH. This place is so much better! He can play al the video games he wants, doesn't have to do sentry duties anymore, the people aren't as uptight, plus, pizza doesn't cost $150! (Yet...). Critical has it pretty made right where he is now, and he wouldn't have it anyother way. :)
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Man this place is old! Well, I know what I gotta do, let's figure out how or why I killed him.
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C͌Lͫ_̅̎Ḯ̢̝̹̮̫̩̬͈̄̓̑C̵̦̹̟̳̰͚̩̞͖̝̥͇̲͗ͧ̍ͪ̎K̜͙̾̅̑͐̾͘_̛͚ Ç̮͖̘ͨͥ̇̽͌̉̏̑͒_LͦĬ͕̻̻͗Č̷̪̖̎̉͠͝ͅK̛̘͇̹̝̍ͬ͟͞ C̷̞̲̑ͥ̆͡L̯̀̄͛͑͌͞ͅI̵̡̠̬ͥ̀̔̽̕̕͜C̶̶̞̘̙̱̼͋̆̀͌͆ͭ̀KC͌Lͫ_̅̎Ḯ̢̝̹̮̫̩̬͈̄̓̑C̵̦̹̟̳̰͚̩̞͖̝̥͇̲͗ͧ̍ͪ̎K̜͙̾̅̑͐̾͘_̛͚ Ç̮͖̘ͨͥ̇̽͌̉̏̑͒_LͦĬ͕̻̻͗Č̷̪̖̎̉͠͝ͅK̛̘͇̹̝̍ͬ͟͞ C̷̞̲̑ͥ̆͡L̯̀̄͛͑͌͞ͅI̵̡̠̬ͥ̀̔̽̕̕͜C̶̶̞̘̙̱̼͋̆̀͌͆ͭ̀KC͌Lͫ_̅̎Ḯ̢̝̹̮̫̩̬͈̄̓̑C̵̦̹̟̳̰͚̩̞͖̝̥͇̲͗ͧ̍ͪ̎K̜͙̾̅̑͐̾͘_̛͚ Ç̮͖̘ͨͥ̇̽͌̉̏̑͒_LͦĬ͕̻̻͗Č̷̪̖̎̉͠͝ͅK̛̘͇̹̝̍ͬ͟͞ C̷̞̲̑ͥ̆͡L̯̀̄͛͑͌͞ͅI̵̡̠̬ͥ̀̔̽̕̕͜C̶̶̞̘̙̱̼͋̆̀͌͆ͭ̀KC͌Lͫ_̅̎Ḯ̢̝̹̮̫̩̬͈̄̓̑C̵̦̹̟̳̰͚̩̞͖̝̥͇̲͗ͧ̍ͪ̎K̜͙̾̅̑͐̾͘_̛͚ Ç̮͖̘ͨͥ̇̽͌̉̏̑͒_LͦĬ͕̻̻͗Č̷̪̖̎̉͠͝ͅK̛̘͇̹̝̍ͬ͟͞
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and if they don't have a name, what do we name them
20 7
This is my first dinomask btw, I used my wolf ears and tail for it.
She’s a Therizinosaurus/Macaw/Dire Wolf Hybrid. In case you’re wondering how that would work the scientists that created her took some macaw and dire wolf dna and put it in the dinosaur egg.
17 3
15 0
Oh nuuu!
Also the reason Mike appears purple sometimes (art, game, etc…):

“ On Night 5, in the Real ending, Michael is lured into the Scooping Room by Baby/Ennard, who then reveals their true intentions before activating the Scooper and eviscerating Michael, and then wearing his skin to escape Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals.”


I did not type any the info, credit goes to the original writers of that.
15 1
I haven't been able to post for a while, for reason's that I won't specify. but that doesn't mean you can't contact me in other ways like discord (croww01) and steam, I miss protohub a lot b/c it's the first time I got to post anything to the internet. note I'm able to access protohub b/c I'm not on my usual home network.
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rox is lemmys older brother

at the time this photo was taken rox was in 4th grade while lemmy was in 1st
14 3
kip is the one with horns and the other was birthed today
14 4
Echo Variant 9 Main Scientist, Whitefolf coming in with some Facinating Protos. 
This scar by my eye is from Proto 991. He went rogue, and attacked me on Test Lima, at least I stopped it, if it successfully killed me and went off into the real world.. would god have mercy.
Proto 991
Tests Variant: Lima
Proto 991 was equipped with general knowledge, ability to learn and stratagize, A grappling hook, and a 50 Cal. Machine Gun, and this proto prototype has Fantastic Melee and fighting skills.
Systems failed to Compromise, and the Prototype Lunged at me with a Devastating slash, luckily he missed and caught the corner of my eye, I shut it down and scrapped it for future reference, This is the official end of Test Variant Lima.
13 1
The character is named Cadaver. He's gone through many design changes, but my baby brother kept messing up my progress, so this took about a year.
10 6
I haven't named the group yet, I need some help finding a good name.
13 2
On a walk, Whitey came across a street fight and apparently a fighter had a grenade launcher and a grenade bashed Whitey in the visor revealing something that shouldn't be revealed, Documents about it will come soon!
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My gf
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And I’m ready to have fun!
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Haven't had time to post lol
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She my fav
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Idk if it’s temporary but..
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My life is ruined
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Sorry, my chromebook does this weird thing where it’ll automatically post the same thing twice
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