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It does need a name so i think of it anyway

It can active and deactivate the blade like a lazer sword (a.k.a. Lightsaber)

(More design coming soon)
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i usually draw cats but wanted to try smth new. this, as the title says, is the first time i drew a protogen. i thought id post it here since this website is themed around protos. also ignore the caption in the image please, thanks. x3
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I live in the Chicagoland area and this is accurate
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The 1st one is came from far away from the protogen & synth territory so in short it one side blade from samurai/ninja sword, for the 2nd one it have double side blade and ..... Well i Don't know what to explain about it beside that it have samurai/ninja blade part
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im so tired lol
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yeah, minecraft modded horror game
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His name is Quantum and his tail is a portal gun
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yeah it's a thing now
Rainbow as a wolf
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weed kisser
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I now have a few left to do and then they are all done and ready to be sold on Artworktee WOOHOOO!!!
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still grim
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Grims true form
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So, I created an OC in Tinkercad and I kindof like it!
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they both are nightmares to mod
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this comment section will be a battle between Rainbow and @Kingsmen2 elden ring boss
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hey ya, it's been quite some time since I last posted, I've on been on a hiatus since December to relieve some academic stress from school (also cuz the pen I used to draw on ibispaint broke) but know high school is back and now maybe now I'll return to draw more frequently -3-
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I am loving all this its amazing I am so proud of not only myself but everyone!!! I am making the next goal 200
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Belive it or not this took my a long time and I am still making the Hetrosexual Sticker, Homosexual Sticker, Lesbian Sticker, and Pansexual Sticker.
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This is my Bisexual sticker and I will post my newest sticker which is a Trans version of this and I will post right after this goes live.
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ask them this
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boi wasn't valentine's day a shitty day. anyways whats good my original gangsters? or my Original toasters?
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This is a cool place ya know? there's so much art and stories (even If they aren't related).
So yea, Ill be here for a while!
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Haha I’ll working on getting comfortable enough to do it publicly😭 <333
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Post something new here! ›

Looooore Section.

It does need a name so i think of it anyway

It can active and deactivate the blade like a lazer sword (a.k.a. Lightsaber)

(More design coming soon)
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The 1st one is came from far away from the protogen & synth territory so in short it one side blade from samurai/ninja sword, for the 2nd one it have double side blade and ..... Well i Don't know what to explain about it beside that it have samurai/ninja blade part
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So this is how this works in my stories:
In every Dimension there is a certain amount of realities, ours is a smaller dimension with only fifty realities, there are larger dimensions with hundreds of realities.

Destroyers are beings chosen by a god who can travel through these dimensions and destroy realities, Rainbow is no exception, he can destroy entire DIMENSIONS at any time he wants, and yet he prefers to sit around in peaceful realities and sleep

the occasional bad guy interrupts his sleep, but they regret it really fast
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is it?
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So, as you all know, I'm basically going through an online identity crisis. And after a lot of trial and error, two failed logo websites, and some serious thinking, I've made a new art logo.
So, which one's better?

In the first corner we have the brand-spanking new Aphrødite logo. A futuristic style for a new year of art. It features my favorite kind of E, for some reason, and has a "no entry" symbol for both a reference to the 'ø' in my main's name and my main, Aphrødite's, pupils.
And in the second corner we have the classic, hand-drawn, crappy CW symbol. Created after the early days of my longtime online persona, Cinnam0nWaffl3s, now of course changed to Aphrodite, and went through a lot of trial and error, first being the initials RS (try to guess if you want), then a dragon's head (which I used for one unfinished peice in 2022), and finally to this.
Who do you think will win? Find out in LOGO BATTLES!
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Rainbow can disguise himself as a human and therefore get into places he wouldnt be able to in his protogen form (Shapeshifting is a new power)
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So I was looking through some of my old files on my laptop and I found this handsom lug.

I made this like mayeb a year ago now.
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Twin gloves that carry the essence of Rainbow's being. any human who wears them gains the powers of Rainbow
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Sorry I haven't posted for TM in a while. But, expect some more soon. It'll have to stop for a bit since I haven't rewritten all the old shit yet, and I'm planning to put this on Scratch very soon (I hopefully won't need a coder [THAT I STILL DON'T HAVE YET TwT] this time but you never know)


Also, Apple's ref is coming soon
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Thanks @Grimtheprotogen for helping me make this!
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YES you heared me right I turned him into a stciker and hoodie on artworktee and I hope you like them my friends!!!

MrMlemphis Logo - Sticker

Happy Mlemphis - Sticker

Chibi Mlemphis - Sticker

Happy Mlemphis - Hoodie
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thank you to everyone who supports me here!
if someone can draw this you deserve a job in something with a high salary
She is a white furred fox btw
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This is the first part of Rainbows story
if this gets 25 likes I will post the next part
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any protogens made on earth are made by this guy
12 1
Jokes aside, here's ANOTHER filler on top of my commissions (I'M SO SORRY YOU GUYS IT'LL TAKE ME A BIT LONGER [because I haven't even started]) and the next Three Moons upload and Rabin's art and literally anything else I need to do-
But here's how it works: The FIRST commenter picks the species (WoF, fursona species, gemsona, Deus, ect.); the SECOND commenter picks the colors (six max); the THIRD commenter picks the accessories; the FOURTH commenter picks the personality (four max); the FIFTH commenter picks the special abilities; and the SIXTH commenter picks the perspective/expression of the drawing. If I'm feeling up for it by the time I wake up and read the comments, the SEVENTH commenter can pick something random; anything except making the OC into a Mary-Sue or OP character, and can't change anything anyone else has picked beforehand. I'll let you guys know in a bit if I'm gonna do 7
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Hello! Feeling edgy today after I wrote down every little detail at 1:00 AM for a paper drawn PMV I'm gonna make soon featuring this little Lesbean :D
I was listening to She Wants Me (To be Loved) by The Happy Fits when I came up with the title so that's why it's... what it is.
Anyways, this is Zin (fun fact: her name is part of the word, Zinariya, which means "gold" in Hausa). I'll save more of the lore for when I draw the other one, but basically I put a little animatic to that one song, Two Birds. The story follows Zin and Rabin. Rabin tries to convince Zin to go on a (temporarily unknown) quest in the little bit of original dialogue I put at the beginning. The two are (metaphorically) bound by a red tether. Rabin tries to persuade Zin into coming with her, but she repeatedly refuses, making up excuses and trying to be sincere. Rabin eventually catches on and becomes EMOOOOOO- jkjkjk
I'll save the rest for tHe SeCoNd PaRt.
|Art and OCs by me|
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I am so proud of this!! I used a map generator to make the map, but the landmarks, borders, and places are all me. I'll post a little multi-part series (oh no not another one) detailing the map if you guys want. I feel bad with all these posting series but, hey, I need random content. Let me know if you WOULD actually like me to post some details. Feel free to download the map so you can see it better, but do NOT post it anywhere else claiming it as your own.
|Map generated by Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator (|
|Landmarks, Fantribes, kingdoms, names, and territories by Waffles (Me)|
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Here's another one! I'm posting Arid's ref very soon.
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hopefully the links will work, Im gonna put some down for my Eiserner Sturm Series.
book 1
book 3
book 4
9 6
Three Moons is a WoF fanfic that I started in 2022 that I recently rewrote and am currently still writing, so I thought, "why not; it's a perfect time to post this!". So, from here on out, I'll be posting a new paragraph or two until we get done with the story or I decide to stop writing (I'm on chapter 17 so far so that might be soon depending on if I want this to be a series or a single book)
So, I hope you guys like this! I'll post a ref of Arid, Yucca, and some other characters along the way as we meet them.
13 7
Hope you guys enjoy the story when its done :3
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This is Honey, first of many Bloodhounds!
Bloodhounds are an original OS of mine. Bloodhounds are feral wolves and other canine species that are separated into floating parts. I got the idea from this base, made by gore-doll on DeviantArt. Bloodhounds have no pupils and are coloured like normal dogs, but their eyes and blood are neon of whatever colour their eyes would normally be. They bleed eternally, but it doesn't hurt them. They are demigods/goddesses. More about Honey later bc I'm running out of room.
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Basically its a story me and my friend came up with
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Our planet was once a peaceful world, but then began the war. Between the Protas who fought for freedom, and the Protestants fought for tyranny. There was a ship that carried a precious cargo, a hope. A hope that was lost forever.
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Kinda like transformers
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listen to this while reading-->

I fired my m1014 at the last person here face, no more head for ‘em now. I walk over the bodies of my enemies whose heads and limbs have been shot, blown, kicked in, ripped apart. Empty bullet casings of assorted sizes rolled out of my path as I walked. Rifles and pistols lay discarded or in the hands of the owner. Blood painted the walls like a red masterpiece. I reached the elevator at the end of the hallway and looked at the dead juggernaut. The juggernaut head has been ripped off by me; his suit is a standard Russian mercery uniform with the insurgency’s emblem sewed on. I pressed the top floor Button, and the door closed once I entered. I look at myself in the mirror at my NBC suit; bloody at the hands and from the knees down. Me a Synx, known to infiltrate houses and such with ease, always smug or smiling. The very reason is that I wear masks, to hide what they made me become, But I'll make them pay...
17 4
The head will be made later on. patches on the vest will be shown here 
also will post the synx's story on the completed post
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As you can see, Whitey used to be a A 10 pilot, he was discharged for some reason, so we went off on his own then the virus came in. For the lore challenge I have up, you only have to figure out the lab section. But this lore might come in handy, ever wondered why he is a little more on guard as seen in the lab exploration picture?
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When she was spawned, she was confused at how the world works. She was spawned farther away from her parents than any protogen had ever been. She could not find her makers, and was lost. Thankfully, she was near the sea, allowing her to adapt to water at a young age.
As a “teenager”, she was clever, clumsy, and a bit of a trickster. She pulled pranks on all of her friends and was hard to catch, and even harder to trick back.
Now, she’s more mature but still energetic as always. She loves her friends and will do anything to protect them. Chlorine still hasn’t found any relatives, but her friends are all she needs now.
She has a minor crush on Hi-Lite, who does not know, thankfully.
|Base by MarshmallowLemons on DeviantArt|
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Time for a fIlLeR pOsT eheheh! So here's Chlorine's lore.
Chlorine is a female Aquatic protogen who goes by the pronouns She/Her. She is Polysexual, meaning she has an attraction towards females, males, genders outside the binary, and others along those lines.
She does not have a known age and her memory data is at 34% full. She is 47% corrupted and glitches are very infrequent. Chlorine has never shown her face to anyone behind her hologram mask. She is quick– both with her wit and with her speed.
Her tail is filled with water and is made entirely of hard glass from the point where it connects to her body to the tail tip. The fin on her back is the same. She wears a silver earring on her left ear and a silver bracelet on her right wrist. She is left-handed.
|Base by MarshmallowLemons on DeviantArt|
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My gf
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And I’m ready to have fun!
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Haven't had time to post lol
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She my fav
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Idk if it’s temporary but..
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My life is ruined
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Sorry, my chromebook does this weird thing where it’ll automatically post the same thing twice
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