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I think the proto is to short 🙁
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My imagination sucks
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I started a multi-run youtube channel with a couple of my friends. they are pretty cool so go comment and sub because yes. the youtube channel name is The Stinky Squad
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Hey if you want tell me and I can 3d print something and put a cheap price on it depending on the complexity (3-300$) pay me through cash app and send me your address and I’ll ship it to you. Just tell me what to print and I will. This will take time (1-7 days) pay me through cash app /my username is $oliver Hubb/on the description give
Me 1 what you want 2 your address so I can bill it to you 3 your phone number so I can send you progress. (Warning! No refunds and I have only been doing this for a few weeks) If someone can send me a loan of 200$ I will pay it back over time I need it to get the proper equipment. (I don’t have a actual job I am only 13)
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just a head
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Gonna work on the legs next week.
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amongus bongus doober poober
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Same reason as Falon, decided to redesigned my boy Reicah cuz for me the old design is too bland and it resemble too much of the gmod model that I based my boys on
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Decided to redesigned my boy Falon cuz for me the old design is too bland and it resemble too much of the gmod model that I based my boys on.
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I filled out this cool character sheet made by cparrisart
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I have a challenge 4 u! Try to beat Night 1-3 without getting jumpscared!!
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I recently discovered that another one of my family members has died therefore I will be going on break since I have been wanting to end myself. If I go through with it I will let my friends and you guys know. but as of right now, I will be taking a break. I will be posting for you guys just to check up on you guys to see how you are doing
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found a drawing tool in ixl, decided to do this
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Album cover for a instrumental single
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Here's a free proto base for everyone
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I *think* I might actually do something this time!

I’m also gonna try not to rush all my art 😅
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so yeah have this gal
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Toby Loves Tea and other stuff
3 1
*growling and grumbling*
"Babe? What's... What's wrong?"
(render by Malik_Proto on twitter- This seems to be quite useful!)
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Just a picture I drew of my fursona, Everest.
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shadeeng is kee
9 5
This is my OC don't take it down.
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Their name is Jayce hehe, they miiiight have something to do with the new ProtoHub game coming out o3o
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The two cuties together once more
6 1
Okay I honestly can't tell who is hotter, Shadow, or Infinite without his mask on.
Post your answer in comments!
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Looooore Section.

Toby Loves Tea and other stuff
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we all have to ask the big questions who am I? and what do I want?
these are the same questions that the protogen race asks them selfs. 
and is a tremendous driving force behind the Protogen identity and self worth
25 10
3468-328GEN1 or pylone a military-class protogen 
standing at 6ft he's most outstanding trait is how nice and gentle he is but on the battlefield he is a soldier. but deep down his a calm dud
20 1
A Headhunter is a special bread of protogen. they hunt down escaped  protogens either recapturing them or terminating the target  

RED is the best in this field he shows no remorse or pity. he's the perfect soldier
18 5
a photo from the war on Braxes 
79-85 AR 
900,000 dead military 
2.5 million civilian dead
22 4
OTH-001 was the first OTH to be discovered. OTH-001 is usually spotted inside or near abandoned computer stores, they also are generally less aggressive than other OTH. The image used for this post is an artist's rendition.
26 2
If you see a dark figure In areas such as an alleyway, a path in a forest, or near an abandoned building and also has traits such as large 3-fingered hands and square ears !DO NOT APPROACH IT!
26 4
"I guess I was running from something trying to get away. to be honest.,I should have run in the opposite direction"

I heard the y6 was the most prominent and wealthiest city  in the UPR building that touched the stars itself 

wene we got there all I could see was a heap of rouble and twisted steel
25 5
UPR staff Sargent 2956/562GEN1 or pylon 
The saige of y-6 the capital of the united protogen republic  

I'm, not a native to y6 actually I was created on a back water plant  in the outreach of 
controlled space  there wasn't much opportunity for me so I enlisted in the mobile artillery core 
we specialize  in long-range support and anti-armor
20 2
New character~!
22 3

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My gf
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And I’m ready to have fun!
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Haven't had time to post lol
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She my fav
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Idk if it’s temporary but..
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I want to become the official dj of this site
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My life is ruined
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