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Got a spare bed?

Better have brought your own bed. I worked hard to craft mine
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Posted by Rytec • Aug 22 2022 Subscribe! OwO

Resolution: loading...

Better have brought your own bed. I worked hard to craft mine

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I wanna sleep w/ chu instead~
from Matrix

So cute. ♡
from MrProto025

We can share a bed , you can use my cloak as a blanket
from YukioBoreas

NO There is not a spare bed we slep together
from FurryLover0212

*realizes that I just found someone I can relate to*
from Rio 2975

yeah same my mind is like hey WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN IN THE BED and i am like NO DON'T WANNA KNOW AT ALL
from MasterReven

Just the average late gen z mind :T
from Rio 2975

I feel the same way somewhat. I just really like the warm colours and saturation
from Rytec

Oh, that's a little odd
from Rytec

My dirty mind is thinking of what can happen in that bed
from Rio 2975

As hilarious as this is, it’s just as pretty to look at hehe
from Cyro The Otter Dragon