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HazelTheProtogen @thespiffyprotogen

i have been on this platform of some time i love the people of protohub pleas sub

Twitter: @CaseyLohrs

HazelTheProtogen's newest posts

this is a school project for wildlife management all work by me
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sometimes the best thing to do is to make the person comfortable in their last moments 
that is the job of a combat medic
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my latest work yet, silent persis and Deadly are all great sniper traits. few pass selection and fewer get to actual training  only 10 out of 100 get to be called rangers 

if you guys what more. A comment will be nice
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ENJOY NOT finished
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Name: Hannibal 
positive traits: born leader, tactically brilliant, has a good mind for logistics
negatives traits: has a hot head temper and like to led her troops in to battle 
(with much respect from her soliders) this recklessness has landed her in the med tent more then a few times.
18 2
I'm trying new poses and angles
17 1
I have found code for a protogen visor on GitHub by ◊Frythdragon◊

if this link does not work try this one
just find the doc link at the bottom the description will tell you all you need to now
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for our frist winner for the setting is cyro the otter dragon because no one else participated
22 3
this is my first attempt at creating more in-depth lore for the protogens but i need help 
to make this project come to life. 
in the next few months I will be holding writing challenges for you guys  
i will give some guidelines to plot setting and factions for Unity and pick the best i find interesting and include in my fan lore
15 7
soon to be colored and story  soon to be written
18 1
my 3d prints keep coming out wrong I don't know what happing can this be fixed
the first 2 layers are all disjointed and all over the place
18 2
I have visited the ZOR web page and blog. i have come to the conclusion that the lore history and story that Malice-Risu created are incomplete. the good people of protohub can fix this 
post your own lore and stories that the  fans of the protogen community can rally under
21 3
we all have to ask the big questions who am I? and what do I want?
these are the same questions that the protogen race asks them selfs. 
and is a tremendous driving force behind the Protogen identity and self worth
28 11
3468-328GEN1 or pylone a military-class protogen 
standing at 6ft he's most outstanding trait is how nice and gentle he is but on the battlefield he is a soldier. but deep down his a calm dud
20 1
A Headhunter is a special bread of protogen. they hunt down escaped  protogens either recapturing them or terminating the target  

RED is the best in this field he shows no remorse or pity. he's the perfect soldier
18 5
a photo from the war on Braxes 
79-85 AR 
900,000 dead military 
2.5 million civilian dead
24 4
all done enjoy
25 2
I would love to see some short stories about my work 
I don't have all the time to wright them please comment your short story
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"I guess I was running from something trying to get away. to be honest.,I should have run in the opposite direction"

I heard the y6 was the most prominent and wealthiest city  in the UPR building that touched the stars itself 

wene we got there all I could see was a heap of rouble and twisted steel
26 5
UPR staff Sargent 2956/562GEN1 or pylon 
The saige of y-6 the capital of the united protogen republic  

I'm, not a native to y6 actually I was created on a back water plant  in the outreach of 
controlled space  there wasn't much opportunity for me so I enlisted in the mobile artillery core 
we specialize  in long-range support and anti-armor
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HazelTheProtogen's slightly older posts

vet loge
18 3
not my work 
work by Zillion Ross on twitter 
Look at this... 👀
17 2
"Rangers lead the way"
16 1
"Rangers lead the way"
16 4
united protogen repulic special shock Troops
18 3
lore coming soon
17 5
this is going to be a multi-part series of posts
sorry I cant find my own work on this computer I peromes to update the post later
22 1
not my work could find the artist
16 5
yes and no, protogen don't have the same family stactoir as us humans, and is vary intestine and fun to pick apart
17 9
now this is a huge topice and will be broken up in the parts 
Enjoy and remeder this is not canon just some fun ;)
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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