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ProtoHub is an image posting website for the furry community, with the pourposte of helping mehcanical / electrical furries share art and to help the furry community find and grow that side of the community.

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spacedragon42 @spacedragon42

I like robot dragons. I am a scalie and a programmer.

Twitter: spacedragon42

spacedragon42's posts

I finally had the courage to draw something. Once again, I tried some new things.
I'm currently sick at home feeling absolutely horrible. This was a good distraction from it.
I tried to somewhat recreate the style of those monster hunter icons. I thought they look pretty cool.
Here's a drawing of me resting on some grass.
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Sorry i've been dead for a while ;-;. Uhh im back and i added some horns to Snø which are supposed to be some kind of aquarium horns or somethins with fish inside? Don't ask why he looks like crap in this drawing i haven't drawn for around 2 weeks or something. (why did i actually post this lol-)
eh, got bored. have this.
You know the rules of my posts, sorry for not uploading for a long time but I couldn't come up with something synth related until I found a base that looked like the thing I want him to be so I decided to color that and here's the results and maybe because I haven't had a lot of stuff to draw

And like the protogen he has no name, I asked my friend because he previously owned the synth but I did not like the name so I am thinking of another one
Halfbody com of Ziron done by the lovely MikaTheWolfy on Twitter!
Its her

Yes her, ikr
Imma put this old drawing i did of a proot for a friend, been a while since I've seen this drawing
i am not sorry i made this

Tried to make a thing, this is the thing
Lucius has a new message and he is a godsend in his room in the space station.

o3o.. tons more posts.

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