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Infimix_Luryel @Infimix1

19/Male/Ibispaint user/Gaming(Sometimes)/Authorizing by Lori


Infimix_Luryel's posts

My Facebook Friends asked me to draw them nor I pick any, so I post this YwY

Made with IbispaintX

If you see a watermark over there, Lori TheAuthor is my master owo
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You can join this by drawing your own toaster owo
Don't worry, it's free!! Beep! ^w^
When you're done, try to post or PM me on Discord owo
Discord : Infimix1#2101

I drew this with IbispaintX BTW owo
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Hello, there! ^w^
I used IbispaintX, that's why I made this.
This took me almost 4 hours 

He's name Blazer, Infimix's friend owo
He is just a common protogen.
He is daringly protective to somebody he loves. He likes to hang out with Infimix.
His height is 5'5 ⅕ ( Quite shorter than Infimix )
His weight is like more than 65 kilograms.

I still planning about Infimix and Blazer's information... 🤔

...Well, I will upgrade them... 🧰=7=
16 6
This is just an edit, but this looks beautiful to me TwT✨

I use a mobile app to draw, write, type, edit, photoshop, etc., and it's called "IbisxPaintX"

I have no other information about this protogen, 
sorry qwq

Anyways, I like the game Craft Warriors, and here is the link ^w^ :

 I played Craft Warriors for more than 3 months ^7^
21 4
I used IbisPaint
This took me 6 hours 

Want to know about him? 
Well, lemme tell ya !! ^w^
He's daring, energetic, and also very intuitive 
His height is 5'5 3/4
And his weight is...Hmmm...Idk =7='

I will make sure to complete his information soon. So, be patient. ^w^
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Saw this neat little place and figured I'd post some art of the beeper boye. Enjoy!
27 11
its different (Post by @ZillionRoss on twitter)
16 9
This is just WHOLESOME!!!!
16 19
Ignore how bad it's written out, I have no clue on how to use coding language XD
20 12
Take this <3 (not mine love you guys <3)
32 18
26 4
Male: Will help you with a lot of stuff, make sure your happy, check on you every 10-20 minutes, will be your friend forever
Female: Will love you forever, will make you feel happy when you aren't happy, and will cuddle you when you want
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happy birthday to them.
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This is Ria, my new female protogen. Little bit of a replacement for Navara
Commissioned the art from Slobun I believe
32 4
gift work for another friend.
24 5

o3o.. tons more posts.

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