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This is ProtoHub, the absolute best place for protogen art, synth art, and G.E.M. art!!
ProtoHub is an image posting website for the furry community, with the pourposte of helping mehcanical / electrical furries share art and to help the furry community find and grow that side of the community.

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not my work 
 work by Zillion Ross on twitter 
 Look at this... 👀
found this while i was looking at spaceship designs
credit for the proto is @Miditheprotogen
lore coming soon
These magazines are always so misleading...
yes and no, protogen don't have the same family stactoir as us humans, and is vary intestine and fun to pick apart
i got the file of the proto
This needs to be addressed asap we have a proto that recently was feeling like he shouldn't belong on earth I need to get real rq. Everyone deserves to be on this earth we are blessed to be alive and be able to make friends. To be able to have all this technology all of the stuff we have talents and friends and people in our lives. Please don't say you don't want to be on the earth anymore because you can't find anything or one that is perfect for you. you will find someone eventually you will find something you enjoy just please never say you shouldn't be alive. Trust me I understand that feeling I had therapy for a while but things will get better just enjoy your life and have fun try new things make new friends.
 P.S. sorry for getting real I just wanted to address this since someone was feeling down have a good night friends that I've made or have yet to make.
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