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potatogen @stupidfurry

Hello! im not the best at online art but im getting better!


potatogen's newest posts

i met someone and now have a crush
idk what to do
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what happened to midi? me and them have a converstion going on proton and its been weeks lol
plus i have not seen her in chat or posts

not trying to be annoying, but im kinda worried...
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potatogen's slightly older posts

this is tatertot as you probably know, and i would like someone to redraw him with info lol
hes ussually hungry and is kindhearted, he is best friends with pitaya
he likes alone time, pizza, and cuddles
dislikes crowds, salad, and being called cute
i need it for free lol :>
20 11
pitaya will be tater tots friend lore wise, so in roleplays they'll ussually be together
16 1
yep, shes pan!
i have some more art of her and b33bn somewhere, need to keep looking
19 1
i had someone make this a LONG time ago and forgot about it!
the is pitaya and her bee drone b33bn. used to be my main untill someone made fun of me for being a furry online and i stopped for a while. (that was a dark period!) i forgot all about her and now that i've found her im never gonna forgot about her again! if you want info (the describing parts hard to read) then please ask and i'll be glad to show you. all art credit to crispyprotobun lol
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this is a GOOGLE SEARCH!!! primagens CAN be made
A closed species is a fictional species that is claimed to be owned by someone who limits the way in which new characters can be created. Most (if not all) closed species are claimed to be protected under copyright, but a species is too broad of an idea to be protected by copyright, and therefore they aren't.
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they'll never catch me.
19 1
post more
17 5
i wanna name my fanfic, but cant decide
first thing that comes to mind is material love
but i need more ideas
17 1
i found a way for you to get on the fanfic without me getting your email!! click this link, it took a while considering i had to dig around in my settings FOREVER. im rly excited about this, ima comment the link.
19 8
im on a school email but i dont think yall will murder me lol
list email in comments and ill add you no problem
hope you join!
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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