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roxTheProtogen @roxTheProtogen

still depressed. i miss firenze ..... and love them very much , i going insane without them

Twitter: @green_the_dino

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wsp im back peeps
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dis template
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lil floofer

i didint draw the lines 

* except the extra floof*
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i squashed the other one

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sorry for the messy room
i love clay sooooooo......  

ta da!
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this was fun
20 3
play it
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Does anyone know where firenze is?  i haven't seen them In a while..... i miss them very much

if you can help plz do
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sometimes good, sometimes bad,  but now split in half
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the people above see us as scum, so war has begun that will not stop until there's none. do not scream, do not cry, because in the end..... ALL WILL DIE
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i need someone to talk to..... im losing my shit   I just can't anymore
20 3

or go to my pf
16 1
my frends mask that i made for him
16 0
my frends mask that i made for him
16 1
face reveal......  kinda sorta
18 0
i made all the masks btw
19 2
Zack the Goob 

i haven't done one of these because i havent been holden up to well but im geting beter soooo hear ya go
18 0

ty so much for ur suport
19 2
18 0
cant because yes
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OwO, it's a rare user that hasn't posted!!
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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