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poodlemoth @poodlemoth

a wholesom(ish) genderfluid proto i am usually friendly


poodlemoth's newest posts

She's her for a lil emotional support
A lil hot cocoa cat
Don't drink her
13 2
Uh oh here comes the spooky boi
New oc! His name is akuma he's a lil ghostie boyo
13 4
What will he do?
13 3
I am using a new art program too
Also for now on I can be more active on dis account
14 3
my naymn is snek 
my body long
my head is smol
but jaw is stronk
an when it time
to get me fed
i open wide
i monch your bwed
21 0
a famcy boi i found
19 4
she lookin for a certain alien birb
23 0
i didnt make this base heres a link to the site it was taken from
go support them :D
they made a beautiful base
21 3
zenner gets a lil pat pat
21 2
i drew this bean a while back any name suggestions
im horrible with names
18 2
im thinking of telling my friends im a furry but im scared to cuz they notoriously hate and make fun of furrys
20 1
he panikkkkk
18 1
i did it a lil bad and it looks a lil messy
21 2
i tried but im bad at digital art :>
20 2
i haven't named them or really done much with their story feel free to add suggestions and stuff :3 meanwhile have some choccy milk
21 6
i found this on google it scared the nanites from my visor
19 4
First time drawing myself on pc-
23 3
Dont worry im still alive i just got caught up in school stuff-
24 3

poodlemoth's slightly older posts

jackos little sister 
just a lil smol fluffball
19 2
halloween oc he is aggresive and mean but is sweet to his little sister pumpkin who he loves
20 3
its so accurate it hurts
19 2
i know its not too accurate
17 7
based on suggestions i named her lilly thanks to *Crow W Lau* for the suggesion!
thanks to everyone for the suggestions :3
16 8
I actually started crying when i saw this
17 4
I made him using picrew just incase you haven't heard of it check it out!!
His name is crow but prefers being called moth
19 6
a wholesome thing i found
17 4
she gonna monch
17 8
18 6
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