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Kly Guy @hafunny

I draw protos I think I have more potentail but it gets banned (Not Nsfw thats lame)


Kly Guy's newest posts

Just an icon
15 3
I was board
18 11
Silly boys
Only special people can see mommys iron~
21 7
Hey mere 14 subs im back
Not to long ago i showed off a rough sketch for this piece and now after almost 6 long hours its finished
Ive never made anything at this level before so this is a huge step in being an artist for me
I would love for you guys to leave positive comments it really makes my day
Thank You <3
25 13
Hey my mere 14 subs and any one whos reading this, Its been a while
Ive recently been playing Super Mario strikers charged and I though it would detacate by blue buddy Kly to it.
Idk when the real thing will be done but I thought it would be nice to post here again
Alr stay safe you there beans.
From Kly
24 3
beans go on a road trip
24 4
Crap I got caught eating at apple
27 4
I know protogen are supposed to be here but i cant leave my birb out
25 3
I haven't posted in a while so decided to most something again
Drawing was done by my friend and color was done by me
26 4

Kly Guy's slightly older posts

I took some dudes art and then traced it
20 4
diffrent eye what do you think comparied to my other one?
18 4
OK guys who called him cute? Your making him blush. Finally after 2 hours this is done
19 6
Opps this was the wrong one she was supposted to "clean" not "clear"
20 8
There are some big distractions this mights be hard
22 11
Its quiet tonight decided to hang out with his pals
22 10
They be driving
19 1
he goofy (and line art stolen lol)
21 0
its a mamagen what else did you exspect?
20 2
totally traced
17 0
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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