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Crow W Lau @crowL

14y.o, I write stories, learning to code in pyphon, steam: geokirk


Crow W Lau's newest posts

he stole my ram
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I live in the Chicagoland area and this is accurate
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they both are nightmares to mod
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*scottish laughter* no ram?
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also I see two memes
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feelings can easily overpower your logic like how the news uses it to their advantage.
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I remember generating this with imagine... I like perchance better. this art ain't mine.
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and choose wisely
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I changed the neck piece to something that I originally wanted to make.
I'm waiting for a gore tag because I want to post the bloody version.
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I'm back
this is a LANCIA 037 STRADALE with a protogen racing division skin
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I'll be seeing ya'll 1/15/uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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I have more wisdom to give after two weeks
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ye be getting chonky
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It is nice
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mmmm cake
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question do y'all go to therapy? because I do.
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listen to this while reading-->

I fired my m1014 at the last person here face, no more head for ‘em now. I walk over the bodies of my enemies whose heads and limbs have been shot, blown, kicked in, ripped apart. Empty bullet casings of assorted sizes rolled out of my path as I walked. Rifles and pistols lay discarded or in the hands of the owner. Blood painted the walls like a red masterpiece. I reached the elevator at the end of the hallway and looked at the dead juggernaut. The juggernaut head has been ripped off by me; his suit is a standard Russian mercery uniform with the insurgency’s emblem sewed on. I pressed the top floor Button, and the door closed once I entered. I look at myself in the mirror at my NBC suit; bloody at the hands and from the knees down. Me a Synx, known to infiltrate houses and such with ease, always smug or smiling. The very reason is that I wear masks, to hide what they made me become, But I'll make them pay...
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Crow W Lau's slightly older posts
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I found this... anyways
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I've found it here
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I just found this randomly
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its a glitch
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sunny @Sunnytheprotogen has been gone more than a month now
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I need some help with adding characters for my story
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