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Zymerith @Zymerith0404

15y/o, artist, 3d modeler, coder, uses discord and loves space lmao


Zymerith's newest posts

i'm unstoppable now muhahahaah
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world record?
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Planning on improving the body next, i have a prototype of the body but it looks kinda bad so i'll be working on that next. I might post the body of what i have right now but beware it's kinda bad.. 

For now, enjoy Zymerith in his camouflage suit lmao

Discord: toothless#6785
Discord alt: toothless02#6631  (i'm using this one for now)
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Zymerith's slightly older posts

primagens always getting all the attention ong
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dis is zymerith, my epic fursona :D
this is my second time drawing him so sorry if some things may look a bit off like the crown and stuff.
also mb for the shit camera quality i took this on my school chromebook ๐Ÿ’€
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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