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Xander @Xander

18/Gay/Big Boy enjoyer Mid Art

Twitter: @ProtoBeanz

Xander's newest posts

2021 - 2024    i was a plain protogen  but my hyena friend converted me to yeeogen hehe

anyone can draw it just takes determination and pratice ^w^
16 0
Soft proto i did  for an art trade
10 3
LA big proot  

Ahah  i keep mysteriously disappearing and then i remember that i havent posted here so i do apologise
7 7
Hello my name is heavy weapons proot and this is my gun!
16 2
Its been a hot minute hasn't it heh so might as well come back with a big feller to kick things off
16 2
Turned my fren into a proot
20 1
Its highhhh nooon
21 4
Woa Big Boy
18 5
Woa Big Boy
23 1
Big version our my proto fren
22 2
Brought back my robotic sergal Nic-0
20 1
Personally Im going to go number 2
19 4
A full body Commission i did for @Nature_Protogen on twitter ^^
24 1
Amazing art by Brass_Fox on twit
16 1
Super cute headshot from Brass The Fox On twitter!
22 2
Digitized the Sketch and oh my god i wanna cuddle up with that dad
18 2
Decided to sketch Xander in my Journal thing and it turned out well!
18 2
2,2 of funny Draw overs
19 2
1,2 of funny Draw overs
16 3
Looks like Xander decided to become a cowboy
16 4

Xander's slightly older posts

I don't know why I like drawing xander as a big boyo XD
17 2
Well it's been a long time since I posted here so uh yeah Xander is now part Yeen
17 2
I love yet hate this so much
17 2
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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