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Green Fur @TheGreenFur

That one green dude who calls people out or sum shit idk. 2 drama Ws, 1 drama L

Twitter: Delta_da_Proto

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Got myself a new gf, and i'm the happiest i've ever been with her. I love you sweetie!
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1. Art shown is made by the talented @kai_thewolf2 on Twitter
2. Well, might as well explain where I went, I somewhat moved on from this website, the time I had on here was fun, but I think I move on to other things in life, I'll miss you all, but my time here is up, I may post from time to time, but don't expect much out of me, I may talk in chat sometimes as well, but again, don't expect much out of me. If you want to stay in contact with me, I have some options that you can explore, I have a twitter  which is this I also have a discord which is as follows: the_green_fur if you want to keep up with my mediocre music career, consider following my SoundCloud Thank you for all the fun times that you have given me, but this has been Green Fur, signing off
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Choosing to do somethin' different today!
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I need to stop, I have too many damn sona variations for Green
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The Green Goober is out exploring an abandoned building, what could go wrong?

World: The Smile Room
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Synth Green but full image or somethin'
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Synth Green is now cannon
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While it is a serious situation, I'm still happy that I show up! My section starts at 12:19, it's about how Korgs manipulated me into "hating" Vex, but in my case when Vex gave me proof that they were lying, I was reasonably angry at them.
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This was a selfie taken the other day before we tried (and failed) to scare each other in a VRC FNAF game, she kept doing the "Never gonna give you up" dance, and that took away all horror, then I chose to go as foxy, girl kept her camera on me and I couldn't move anywhere, and she never got to jumpscare me because she picked Chica and I knew how she worked lmao
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EAS Weather alert went through. Lmao I'm fucked
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Switching it up a bit :3
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He smile c:
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Jumpy wumpy
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Go give it a shot!
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I love you sweetie!
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So, I have a YT channel, and today we hit 88 subscribers! My goal is to get to 100, so if you'd like to help me get there, sub up!
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Jesus christ, so much code for a simple music system.

Oh yeah, I'm making a game now, lmao
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OwO, it's a rare user that hasn't posted!!
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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