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quadros @Quadros

cringy proto who likes to post art but cant think of stuff to draw easily |pan|| taken|


quadros's newest posts

I have finished the head next month im going to start work on the pawbs and tail! 
P.S. ignore background lmao
P.P.S have a good week everyone if u see anyone being sad or sumlike that checkon em i had a dude atmy school kts because no one bothered to check on him so just keep ur eyes out for someone looking sad or depressed its a real issue.
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this took me 2 hours to furr but i am proud of myself, because i think i did good ^^ gonna furr the second one in a few days. working on the foot as well but currently mainly focussing on the ears.
18 4
Hiya if anyone can actualy help me make the body for him could u email me at i could use the help lmao other than that i'm gonna try and make more art but the art has good quality and isn't just rushed and im putting effort in them now.
18 4
ive been stalling working on this for 2 years now i have to wait for furr and one way mesh plus i also gotta get alot of duct tape
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we were missing a lot of ppl durring this screenie ;-;
19 7
Halp I'm not smart or creative idk what to draw that's sfw
25 7
This was supposed to be the one art posting website I know that doesn't do the nsfw tag or have nsfw ;-; 😫
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quadros's slightly older posts

Okmignore the like black i tried to blurr our faces lol I'm on the left my bsf is in the middle and my homie is on the right
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they bypassed my personal boundries and tried to play it off lol they were being all like tryina date me or sum and then I called them out and they played the why would I I have a boyfriend card smh
21 2
im in the bush
19 7
me and a group of friends just chilling I'm the one with a ton of brown in the bush lol
18 10
23 5
guys i was looking at old google pfp's and found a cotton candy wolf lol
19 3
ty guys I enjoy it here and am glad u guys like my art
19 8
I just Recolored Quadros because of the release of batdr its been 2 years in the making and it looks awesome and I wanted to honor it.
15 3
I finaly finished nelo hahaha
16 1
@ReddZArtz you've been asleep for quite some time would you like some soup?
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quadros's recent likes

Haven't had time to post lol
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19 10
Sorry, my chromebook does this weird thing where it’ll automatically post the same thing twice
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12 2
this is tatertot as you probably know, and i would like someone to redraw him with info lol
hes ussually hungry and is kindhearted, he is best friends with pitaya
he likes alone time, pizza, and cuddles
dislikes crowds, salad, and being called cute
i need it for free lol :>
15 7
my furry cosplay
15 2
yep, shes pan!
i have some more art of her and b33bn somewhere, need to keep looking
17 1
i had someone make this a LONG time ago and forgot about it!
the is pitaya and her bee drone b33bn. used to be my main untill someone made fun of me for being a furry online and i stopped for a while. (that was a dark period!) i forgot all about her and now that i've found her im never gonna forgot about her again! if you want info (the describing parts hard to read) then please ask and i'll be glad to show you. all art credit to crispyprotobun lol
16 0
found this while i was looking at spaceship designs
13 9
15 4

o3o.. tons more posts.

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