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Nelo @Quadros

An amowave who loves to make art and make friends|pan|| taken|15|


Nelo's newest posts

I know I said I'd be more active and post more art, but I've had issues with my tocuhscreen/school. I should be able to start doing more soon, but there's always that chance that I can't.
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just wanted to say merry christmas, happy Hanukkah, and whatever else there is to the beautiful protos, and other species here. stay safe and sane during the holiday season.
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me and a best friend made it in spanish class lol
19 1
meant to post this yesterday, but caught up decorating for halloween
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@peppermint ty for this beautiful art
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I NAMED HIM! his full first name is vacate (he had weird parents). I really love how he turned out, and hope you guys like him to. ^^
14 2
I still have no name for him lmfao haaaaaaaaalp
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I still have no idea what to name him lol, but I dealt with the issue I was having yesterday and swapped a color or 2
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18 2
Spent a total of 2 hours working on it just now
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I've been trying for like the past 30 minutes to do this but I can't make it look right. if you think you can help can you click the link and add it please. -nelo (formerly known as quadros)
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Sorry for the barrage of avali lol didn't know how much time I actually have during my fourth period. This is my last post till either later today, or tomorrow.
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It only took an hour to do both wings lol (I did a bunch of shading I doubt anyone would ever see, but I told myself I would put a ton of effort into it.
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18 6
How is everyone doing?
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I only spent 30 minutes to fix up the head and color the fluff (I spent a lot of time shading)
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I'm gonna be taking alot more time to make my art better so that I can improve.
Ref sheet by Neffertity.
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So, as of right now I am unable to make any form of art (as evidence of me reposting the same thing I did months ago). so I have to wait till I get a new laptop that will be ordered this or next week. you're gonna notice a lack of drawings and gonna see more 3d art made on blender. I am also noticing how there are quite alot of drawings of  something other than protogens, but I am gonna still make protogens but also ampwaves and fnaf characters. because of how much I love this community I will be posting any 3d art I make to see if anyone has tips, or meaningful comments. I also just mainly want to share my experiences with you all and show my learning curve as I have never touched blender before. (thats all for now, have a nice weekend)
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quickly put this together because I gotta go do stuff but also just wanted to celebrate w u guys!
I love this site I wish I was more active, thats my fault but but I see this site going places!
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I promise I will be more active eventually I just need to be done with my finals and then were home free! I'll have more time to work on art and everything else I enjoy until next august.
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Nelo's slightly older posts

Okmignore the like black i tried to blurr our faces lol I'm on the left my bsf is in the middle and my homie is on the right
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they bypassed my personal boundries and tried to play it off lol they were being all like tryina date me or sum and then I called them out and they played the why would I I have a boyfriend card smh
21 2
im in the bush
19 7
me and a group of friends just chilling I'm the one with a ton of brown in the bush lol
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guys i was looking at old google pfp's and found a cotton candy wolf lol
19 3
ty guys I enjoy it here and am glad u guys like my art
19 8
I just Recolored Quadros because of the release of batdr its been 2 years in the making and it looks awesome and I wanted to honor it.
16 3
I finaly finished nelo hahaha
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@ReddZArtz you've been asleep for quite some time would you like some soup?
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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