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NikkiWild9341 @NikkiWild9341

11y/o loves fursuits & art


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Sorry I haven't been active very much, I have been working on a drawing lately (that should be finished soon if I continue with it late into the night). Anyway, I have been in a weird thing where I'm in my bedroom a lot (I have no idea why, does anyone know or have experience with this).
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Bubble came to give nightmares.
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I've been having issues trying to figure out what looks good for this one. Anyone have ideas?
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I have been gone for 3 days, and I have a video on youtube I'd like to share

here it is!
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I thought I'd have a bit of fun with some experimental aspects of my art skills.
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IDK what to put here, other than Happy Halloween everyone❣❣❣
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I thought scenemo raver Everest looked really cool, so I made this little thing and tried to do this without lineart. By the way, Little Kandi Raver 2012 is a really cool song.
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I had no idea what to call this thing, so I called it Waddle Doom.
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Remember the post asking about commissions? Here's the feathered ampwave that was in it!
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Unfinished lineart for a reference sheet of my ampwave OC.
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First time creating a feral reference sheet and my first time drawing a feral ampwave.
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I don't know why, I got the idea of drawing these two because I was listening to a song on soundcloud. I didn't really follow through with the whole theme of the song when I got further into the process of making this.

Here's the remix:
Here's the original song:
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This one finally didn't take me 2 months to make! A slight disclaimer; I won't be doing NSFW commissions until I'm out of college.
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I uploaded this from an SD card from my camera my mom got from Nelis so the image is not at its best quality.
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After about two months of editing, shading, and creating the characters, the prom night scene is done!! I may have messed up the 3/4 shot with one of the random characters I put in the scene.
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Do you like this? And this is why I like green screen templates.
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I just got Hey Stinky'd.
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Came back from Oxnard for a baby's first birthday party, it was a lot of fun 😸
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I have sixth grade orientation at the end of the month and I am working on a project based on prom night (note that it's also my first attempt with femboys).
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The character is named Cadaver. He's gone through many design changes, but my baby brother kept messing up my progress, so this took about a year.
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OwO, it's a rare user that hasn't posted!!
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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