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NikkiWild9341 @NikkiWild9341

12y/o I am straight (maybe asexual and grayromantic)


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This was not from Tumblr, but I have finally gathered the courage to post there.

-flourescentkitten69 (Aloetheproot)
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I think he had too much coffee (another doodle mostly without lineart).
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So, I came back from California a few days ago, and I completely forgot to post this image when it was finished.
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Checking out things outside the box.
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They've been together since 2022 (try guessing their genders).
I've had a hyperfixation on these two for some reason, also I'm not sure whether to mark the final drawing suggestive since the context for it is a bit kinky (neither characters are furries).
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If you're wondering, this is the same character from the last post.
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I put too much information in the last post, but I forgot to add some things. The Goofball is agender and quite childish.
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I had the idea of this being in the closet (the closet is huge on the inside) for 'the room' and trying out whatever costume pieces get added. I may draw what The Goofball looks like without the costume. They are pretty much a silhouette, so it may be kind of hard to see their limbs when they wear dark clothing.
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Extra notes

-Kia is aware that we're here
-Kalian is wearing a beginning choir uniform
-For those that can't read the text on Kiki's arm warmer, it's supposed to say "Kill Exclusionists".
-Aloe is in an alleyway (often called the wall of pride) in Cryptogen Isle
- Sticky is an actual candy shop in Australia.
-Kalian is asexual
-Most of the lineart was done with a Wacom drawing tablet
-The microphone, choir uniform, and Kiki's background represents my love for music.
-neither of them understand the slang that's used these days
-Kalian was originally going to be non-binary (I had to scrap that)
-Aloe goes nuts over aloe vera
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Nando demo tachiagare Sekai ni uchinomesarete makeru imi wo shitta Guren no hana yo sakihokore
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This is related to the last post. 

Notes about the drawing and characters:

-Kalian was supposed to have a much darker skin color (look back to the post "IDK")
-Kia is wearing a tail belt in this sketch
-Kalian is supposed to have dragon wings, but I didn't get around to sketching them yet
-The proportions are inconsistent since they were supposed to be like different cards
-Aloe is supposed to be leaning against a wall
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I'm not exactly sure if I can call this unfinished or done, but this was supposed to be uploaded a few weeks ago (my computer went stupid and didn't let me upload it).
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I've been back since January 1st and it's going to be my birthday in 10 days, so this is here.
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I didn't think I could finish this before I had to go, and I want to wish everyone here good luck with your goals and New Year's resolutions.

A small note for Matrix: I had been holding back tears when I found out you had lung cancer and I had much trouble finding the right words to say, so now that I know you're alive and going through extensive chemo; I wish you good luck and I hope you recover.
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I am heading to California tomorrow and won't be back until January 2nd, so see  you dudes then! I have a little project in the works that may or may not be uploaded after I get back.
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I thought it would be fitting to draw (an angel, I guess??) for this season, so I came up with this piece of shit (fun fact, all the art I made was drawn with a mouse).
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IDK what to put here but my discord is the same as my ProtoHub username, and that's pretty much it.
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Sorry I haven't been active very much, I have been working on a drawing lately (that should be finished soon if I continue with it late into the night). Anyway, I have been in a weird thing where I'm in my bedroom a lot (I have no idea why, does anyone know or have experience with this).
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Bubble came to give nightmares.
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I've been having issues trying to figure out what looks good for this one. Anyone have ideas?
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