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Gravity @GravitationalPC

dumb cyborg animal on the internet // minor //

Twitter: gravishere

Gravity's newest posts
15 1
ive had a lot of school stuff to deal with and also kinda forgot about this place, but now im back i guess

i made a new website
18 4
sunset v2
16 2
i regret everything
17 4
amongus bongus doober poober
17 2
found a drawing tool in ixl, decided to do this
20 3
18 2
18 3

also dont ask why i put what i put for my first name
18 3
i mean the title says it all
20 2
oh lawd
22 2
21 2
19 1

also proot
20 1
i got a new tablet that isn't a garbage fire tablet so thats cool
21 2

i have created an actual thumbnail for proot instead of just the logo
25 2

i added physics-based boxes. very easy to do with box2d. i also made the map work kinda somewhat i guess.

gif looks a little weird but its better than creating a 50mb gif
22 4

sorry for the goofy-lookin gif

i decided to just use box2d for all physics because its waaaay easier than coding your own, like by a lot. however i do have to do a bit of map trickery to make everything work
22 2
i might make this into a game but im not sure what im going to actually do yet

basically you get kidnapped and wake up in a giant underground dump with your torso missing. thats all i know for sure rn
26 7
life has been very hard.
24 2

Gravity's slightly older posts

no description
21 1
i was bored and i wanted to make an addon so i made this
school started like a week ago but that most likely wont affect anything considering i dont really upload much
i play too much gmod

if anyone wants me to make them a nextbot, tell me
20 4
he so smol
22 2
messed up the visor real bad, stuck with it anyways. also schools out
17 3
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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