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EverestDownUnder! @EverestTheFurry



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As my protohub account is set up on my school laptop, I will be offline for almost 3 months, returning in February. Don't worry, I will return. To Whitey, I will draw your art request first up in the new year. I WILL MISS YOU ALL GREATLY!!! My laptop will be returned on Thursday morning (Wednesday USA time). So anything I want to say to you guys I will do before then. If you would like to keep in touch over the holidays, I will show my Xbox gamertag under this.
Xbox gamertag:
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I kinda designed this guy to look like Rambo. If you don't know who that is, look it up. Also ignore the goofy-ah gun. It was meant to be a tommy gun but I made it too long and the stock waaaaay too short.
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sorry it took so long TwT
comm for @NeptuniumLoaferz
Because of the light background, I only flatcoloured the final image instead of added shading...
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Idk honestly. For those that I'm drawing stuff for, fear not I am drawing your stuff now.
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Was gonna do a face reveal but naaaaaaaaah....
So here is my Therian mask instead :D
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Some darkstalker fanart :3
Idk what I was thinking about when I drew the veins.
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Also, this was meant to have a modern twist hence the fact that he has a BB gun! Soz it took so long!
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Optus Australia crashed so every single Optus user in Australia has no internet whatsoever! I am siphoning off my school's private wifi network right now :3 Also the post picture was totally random.
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This art was just a test for instead of the regular art program I use called SumoPaint. I think I'll stick to Sumo and Illustrator for now :D
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floofy :3
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Ignore that cat in the backround. That little crap is named edger, he is my pet cat.
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I was bored so I drew Vinnie, Paulie and Frankie from Guns Gore and Cannoli
Its a bit cringe but I was bored. The art is pretty crap because my pen was running out of ink.
For a bit of context as to who the characters are, Vinnie and Paulie and Italian-American gangsters led by the mob boss Mr Bellucio. Frankie is an sly traitor, who is apart of the bellucio gang but is secretly working for the Cosstelli mob.
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Ignore the drawing on the left btw
My new fursona's name is Kai and he is a demon wolf/sparkledog!
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For some reason besides on Youtube and Twitter, I have never come across any Australia/NZ furs online! Where are they hiding? I have some good international fwiends tho too :3
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Not furry art but meh. Have an Emo guy instead.
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Keep calm and enjoy this Koala my family and I saw on a camping trip!
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Gaming, Fursuit making, drawing, if you want to talk to me here is my non-private email address!
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I decided to make a scenemo/raver version of Everest for fun whilst listening to this song:
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Comm for @LofizzyNeptune
Completed at 3:54PM 17/10/2023 (Aus Time)
Please let me know if you want any changes to be made!
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OwO, it's a rare user that hasn't posted!!
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