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EverestDownUnder! @EverestTheFurry

He/They/whateverIdk Does WOF and furry art, Beginner Kemono fursuit maker. Subscribe if you want :/


EverestDownUnder!'s newest posts

made me on picrew
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This is all the art of my characters I have received to date :3
I love all this art and appreciate the talent of the artists who created it OwO
It makes me so happy to see the different styles and ways people draw the same characters and it inspires me to improve my style!
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These are all the digital art versions of Everest I have drawn from late 2022 to early 2024.
The pictures go from left to right, my newest being the character stills at the end.
Recap on her character:
Name: Everest
Species: Folf
Nationality: Australian (unknown parent heritage)
Pronouns: She/her
Occupation: Police search and rescue unit
Age: 19
Fun facts: She lives in Brisbane with her best friend Vanya (my comrade SleepyFox64's fursona).
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A WIP photo from a drawing I am working on! I was dumb and did the shading before the linework TwT
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I drew this for an art competition on YouTube. The competition was to draw the person's fursona (Arctic The Floof).
Can't wait to see the results!
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I know I already did one on bands I like, but this is specifically metal bands :3
Left to right:
- Becoming the archetype (Album 'Terminate Damnation')
- For Today (Album 'Breaker')
- Northlane (Album 'Discoveries')
- Parkway Drive (Album 'Darker Still')
- Drowning Pool (Album 'Sinner')
- Parkway Drive (Album 'Reverence')
- Becoming The Archetype (Album 'Physics Of Fire')
- August Burns Red (Album 'Death Below')
- For Today (Album 'Fight The Silence')
- Dark Tranquility (Album 'Atoma')
- Slaughter To Prevail (Album 'Kostolom')
- August Burns Red (Album 'Home')

If you like death metal PLEASE check these bands/albums out they are ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
16 3
Facts about me!
- Graffiti Artist
- From QLD Australia
- Minor!!!
- Fursuit maker
- Has Ommetaphobia and Insomnia
- Loves making new fwiends
- Favourite movie character is Anakin Skywalker
- Favourite video games are Grounded, Guns Gore and Cannoli, Slime Rancher, and Borderlands
- Likes heavy metal and emo
- Favourite food is Fajitas (pronounced fahitas) and bubble tea

Tell me some interesting facts about you!
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Just messing around on an art program
No prize for guessing what song I was listening to :D
๐“ƒฆ ๐–ค โ˜พ๐–ค“๐–ฆน๐“ƒ ๐Ÿ•ธ
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This is the character that I started making a dino mask of :3
She is actually my main dnd character so yeah 
Her name is Tetsuki Mori which is weird because in English it means 'forest with hands'
Idk OwO
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Just described my life in an image!!!
Made on PicMix!!!
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Do ya'll know any of these bands???? This is my music taste :3

Left to right:

Limp Bizkit
My chemical romance
For today
Becoming the archetype
Rage against the machine
Them crooked vultures
Drowning pool
Parkway drive
OTM girls
August burns red
Bass drum of death
Joey Valence and Brae
Slime Rancher
Dark tranquility
MIles Davis
22 4
Do ya'll know any of these bands???? This is my music taste :3
18 1
Should I start making music? :0
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Twilight at full stage infection!!!! (Lore coming soon!!)

Name: Twilight Sparkle
Status: Infected


- Torn wing
- Mouth rot
- Wasting disease
19 1
Idk if you guys are into this stuff but if you like graffiti and emo/scene stuff you can follow my alt channel :/
23 5
Jumping on the mlp infection trend bc I was bored. Now I've got 'the lobotomy' stuck in my head tho and I can't sleep TwT

Name: Nurse Rarity
Status: Infected

Infection: 18%
Sanity: 70%
Stress: 83%
Health: 76%
Hunger: 20%
Thirst: 15%

- Leg gash (From attempting to perform surgery on Pinkie Pie)
- Diseased hoof
- Blindness in one eye
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19 7
I drew this as a speedpaint for a yt vid I'm uploading this week  so keep an eye peeled for that :3
18 2
that better?
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One sexy motherfucker.
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OwO, it's a rare user that hasn't posted!!
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