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Zack the goob @Ev1lZ4ckTh3Pr0t0gen

Pansexual Discord: Pronouns: He/She/Him/Her Xbox: Zackthegoob

Twitter: @Zackthegento

Zack the goob's newest posts

The title is correct. I'm hanging up this account and leaving it as a museum for my adventure on this platform. I'm not 100% active here so follow zackthegento on Twitter to interact with me more often. Take this meme
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Anyone who steals it gets bullied
20 1
I'm bored and I wanna see what you guys can do. Best fanart gets a shoutout
19 2
I never followed up on my previous post and I'm not going to
20 1
I'm writing a silly essay on a special subject
16 1
I found the all-time worst account on Twitter
15 7
Should I?
14 2
So, I started Protohub as a small creator when I was 12. I'm 14 now which means (I'm pretty sure) I've been on Protohub for 2 damn years. 2 long years of Protohub. Most of that time was when I forgot this website existed (Cyro please work on making this app). Now, the small creator thing hasn't changed. I'm still a small creator on this website. But it's been a long 2-year journey and I'm proud of it for some reason. I still love all of you little goobers. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day/night you damn silly goobers.
15 4
How often do you wish you were the opposite gender?
17 27
No need to tell me
16 2
16 2
17 4
So, Yeah if you read the title correctly somebody did try to dox me. I'm gonna leave a link to their posts so you can report and do the right thing. I'll also leave a link to the Twitter Privacy Policy to help you guys understand that doxxing is not okay no matter who it is or what they did. If you think it's fucked up, do the right thing and report them. Now, I'm not gonna pressure anybody into doing it because it's wrong but still, do it. You don't have to but it will help me. Please just help me and get this guy off Twitter before it escalates any further. I don't know how much longer it's gonna take before it gets out of hand and out of my control but I need people to help me in any way possible.
14 1
If 16-year-olds fr dare to say "I'm gonna dox you" or "My friend is gonna dox you" then you just need to get off the internet. I hope nobody on this website becomes like this guy. I doubt that this mf 16 years old. If 16-year-olds are pulling the dox card then maybe the minimum age requirement for the internet in general should be like the drinking and smoking laws, 21. Not 13 like the age of consent used to be in Japan. But still, that's not my point. My point is that if you're too immature for the internet then you need to focus on school and living a happy life. I hope this guy changes and grows as a person. If they don't then I'm gonna set an example for kids to not be like this idiot. Just felt like I had to do a little call-out. Anyway, have a nice day
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So, if nobody checked my Twitter, now would be a good time to do that because I admitted something I wouldn't admit on here because it's not the place to do so. So here's the post link: If you unfollow or unsubscribe or whatever I can respect that. I admitted it because I knew my past was gonna catch up to me no matter how far I ran. So Cyro, if you're reading this, I don't blame you for deleting my account. What I said in the past was fucked up and I deserve it. No, none of those screenshots in the post I quoted were fake. they were all real and I'm not gonna blame anyone for hating me about it. I deserve any punishment coming to me. The shit I said during that time was unacceptable and absolutely disgusting of me. I regret ever being influenced into saying and I've learned from my mistake. Thanks for actually reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day.
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15 5
14 1
17 7
So I never released this to the public but I am gonna be going on break again. There's a lot of shit going on with my family and it's hard for me to handle because I have problems myself but I will try to post at least once a week to let you guys know that I'm okay.
17 3
I'm really trying.
17 5

Zack the goob's slightly older posts

I will be temporarily leaving the furry community. I’ve had fun on my short adventure in this amazing community. I love every single one of you guys and thank you Cyro for making my time here very special and valuable. I will continue to post some updates happening in my life. Goodbye, everyone. I'll be in the VC talking to you guys and answering your questions at 4:00 PM tonight. I'll be leaving the VC at 5:00
16 12
I’m not joking. if you want proof just message me via. discord or twitter
21 7
20 10
Sorry for the lack of uploads I was taking a break seeing friends all that stuff
16 3
Honestly funny
19 1
Cyro how. please teach me
17 8
Name reveal at 50 subs
21 7
He will appear under your bed at 3 AM
21 3
Help spread Jesus on Protohub. Sometimes this place needs some Jesus
17 10
I decided to make this
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