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Diegochh @Diegochh

Your avarage user testing around the area

Twitter: @Diegochh3

Diegochh's newest posts

I decided to use a base because I am getting to distracted to even do a drawing so yeah, working on it but in the meanwhile, a distraction is good to have
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Did a little doodle a couple of days ago, trying to get back into drawing proots but for now just a headshot with no colors
18 1
So while I was gone I also made a new character trying to resemble Puro in some way but they can take their mask off and no they are not made out of latex but just flesh
16 1
Hello hello, I am back to this platform once again seeing what has changed and man it doesn't feel like it's been that long
20 2
Posted this on Twitter a bit ago and remembered I haven't uploaded in here for a while so why not upload it here too
(Also Cyro the new upload thing confused me and thought the upload image was to upload the actual post)
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Diegochh's slightly older posts

Did a lil drawing for a friend because yes, god its been a while since I post something in here @u@
21 2
It got corrupted so here I am reposting it, once again but hey thankfully it is still like spooky stuff in here so it is still fine to post this here
20 1
After a long time of coloring i have finally finished, it took a whole month but it is done and i am happy about it
17 4
Here's the Ampwave I did with the color pallet I showed yesterday (yes I know I am late but I got distracted watching YouTube) and it looks cursed, anyway I am done with my ampwave, one day later but it doesn't matter
18 2
A little doodle comic for the ampwave I'm doing, note to myself to not ask friends for color pallets ever again
Also ampwave will be uploaded today, just finishing the background and stuff
20 1
Were halfway there to 20 subscribers
20 8
Why is coloring this base so hard, its been taking a week now
20 4
Well I just accidentally found a bug in my profile, am I the only one with this because if so that is kinda neat but i think i know why the bug happened
19 5
What if we make a community discord server?
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