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Cyro The Otter Dragon @CyroPaws

Just another cute otter 🦦 uwu

Twitter: PawsCyro

Cyro The Otter Dragon's newest posts

Check out this amazing art of my character I got from the artist Impoddity! :D

Impoddity on Telegram:
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I finally decided to finish her :D
Say heyo to Tupelo
I love her design so much but it's really obscure for what I was going to add so it might change.
Check out this project featuring her and her bio:
Sorry I haven't posted in a while and this is short but its alright ig
Base credits to musewings on DA
Colouring by me
Arm wrap and leather knee armor thing idea is from Cyprus on YT
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Art by:


I hecc’in love this art hehe uwu
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I will be at TTFC and update this website for every ProtoHub sticker I give away!

TTFC & image source:
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Nuuuu!!!! I hope they get better ~n~
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D'awwwwww, so heckin cute!!

I really love thanshuhai's art ~u~

Art by thanshuhai on FurAffinity
( )

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Rut Rough...

Hide!!!! D:
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Their name is Jayce hehe, they miiiight have something to do with the new ProtoHub game coming out o3o
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Awwww, they got a lil tangled wrapping the tree haha

What are you planning on getting for the people in your life this Christmas? o3o

Art by Slumbers on FurAffinity!
( )

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Just another one of those days.
I love those kinds of days ~u~

Art by @/SH_4RK on Twitter
( )

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Cyro The Otter Dragon's slightly older posts

Let's see how fast I can get this up Haha
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I had to make it about cheese lol
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Last day!!
In the lore Ampwaves not only do they have humans on their planet, but many ampwaves partner with them! :0

Art By: (FelisRandomis)
Owner: (HolyDevil)

They have a website too!
22 8
Ampwaves are cool!! :0
Ampwaves tongues are surprisingly long and sharp. o3o

Art By: (Firestoem)

They have a website too!
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Ampwaves are cool!! :0
Ampwaves can turn any other electronic into a new Ampwave just by plugging their tail into it!
Let’s hope Proto’s don’t have aux ports haha

Art By: (raccfox)
Owner: (IanKeith)

They have a website too!
22 9
Ampwaves are cool!! :0
Ampwaves mainly talk through the speakers in their ears?!?!

Art By: (maiathoustra)
Owner: (DaFluffWuff)

They have a website too!
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Ampwaves are cool!! :0
Original Ampwaves or “Wild” ones roamed the planet for 2000 years and walked on all fours.

Art By: (8BITbeetle)
Owner: (Dizzyshroom8)

They have a website too!
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Ampwaves are cool!! :0
While Ampwaves talk, their eyes display sound waves!

Art By: (MotokWolf)
Owner: (falcon4562)

They have a website too!
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A quick comic I made XD

It’s my first ever comic, so I hope it’s not horrible lol
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Eeeee so cute!!!
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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