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All Night Survival @AllNightSurvival

Copper’s alternate account, used for posting FNaF stuff.


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the man behind the slaughter
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(Insert a very certain voice line here)
If you know his voice lines and you are pretty well knowledgeable of FNaF then you will understand.the fact that once that phase starts it will never go away is kind of funny especially with the new movie
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I can’t sleep I just watched a bunch of FNaF vhs tapes and they aren’t even that scary I’ve been exposed to that since 4th grade it’s been so long since then (insert FNaF joke here LoL)<—(double joke)
y-Yyikes! That one w-as worse th-t-Han l-listEnIng to (my brain)dEbate my geNDer!!
I don’t even know at this point lol 😂 
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Oh nuuu!
Also the reason Mike appears purple sometimes (art, game, etc…):

“ On Night 5, in the Real ending, Michael is lured into the Scooping Room by Baby/Ennard, who then reveals their true intentions before activating the Scooper and eviscerating Michael, and then wearing his skin to escape Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals.”


I did not type any the info, credit goes to the original writers of that.
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oh nuuu!
(Also, the reason that Mike appears purple is cuz of the scooper thing, look it up. He basically rots while still alive because of Ennard. But yeah for more context, search it up)
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I’m fi-

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OwO, it's a rare user that hasn't posted!!
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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