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ProtoHub is an image posting website for the furry community, with the pourposte of helping mehcanical / electrical furries share art and to help the furry community find and grow that side of the community.

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Midi @Miditheprotogen

Autistic, Bi, likes to draw, Canadian, poly and bi. Dog lover


Midi's posts

I’m having second thoughts on my life and I’m scared…
18 4
Have a go with Jace!
20 3
But I don’t wanna sleep…
20 3
1. I love that berry’s post it the main
And 2. OUCH!!
7 6
Thanks y’all for 20 subs!
9 1
My username’s Midi#5459
15 11
Nu judging … -/////-
13 6
18 4
Am tired
17 7
Meegik Khroma is coming soon
18 6
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Midi's recent likes

5 3
does anyone actually know how to use npm

please help me
5 5
when you try to reach for the last pringle and your hand gets stuck
9 7
And no one’s gonna stop me
4 7
DemiPan it is!
9 4
lore coming soon
6 4
dis is zymerith, my epic fursona :D
this is my second time drawing him so sorry if some things may look a bit off like the crown and stuff.
also mb for the shit camera quality i took this on my school chromebook 💀
16 2
17 4
My Mango
17 5
This is one of my gf's old sonas, Crystogen. I had a patch of spare time and needed something extra to do so I decided to redraw him using my in-development artstyle... I am pleased with this result.
16 6

o3o.. tons more posts.

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