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Tokmanni @LohikaarmeDigital

Quantum physics, Nuclear Physics, Math, Science

Twitter: @KlausSynth

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They are looking for the Iskra-1030 :0
(Saturday, October 23 2021)
I commissioned an artist and I was inspired by a song called “When Everything Means Nothing” by Fit for a King Cinematic version.
This is Ryzen the synth with a shadow behind
Ryzen hugging his big tail >~> 
And Synth paws >~<
My synth boi, Ryzen. He likes technology and big dragon tails >~<
Very cute proto in hoodie!!! Also good looking in a hoodie!!! <3
My protogen ref has been completed! :DD This is LohikäärmeDigital (Lohikäärme means Dragon in Finnish), a protogen with a big dragon tail, speaks 3 different languages( as the flags as shown)who also loves Technology and Science ( my proto is a computer engineer and programmer).

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(Saturday, October 23 2021)
she's an aeromorph called Rafael
sketch commission.
final fantasy inspired commission.
My first commission of these cute characters (and the beginning of a beautiful friendship cx)

Characters belong to Krystal on Discord 
Art by me (Nekkoream)
Made in Garry's Mod
Time: 2 hours
And you're not allowed to deny it either :)
Hi there! Thank you very much for inviting me :lsts:3
I share here my most recent work for a dear friend 

Character not mine - Art by me (Nekkoream)

o3o.. tons more posts.

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