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Gravity @GravitationalPC

grav make account here. grav make game and art. grav is exist.


Gravity's posts

get the tub of rice ready - animation here
gravity likes melon
car protogen but its dark
car protogen
(Monday, February 14 2022)
I thought it was pretty limiting to have only one clothing option, so here's JCFurry! More clothing will be added soon! 
(if you play, make sure to pick your morph before wearing clothing!) link to the roblox game
Just gonna tell you all what's happened since I've been gone:
- I got hit by a car mirror. Luckily it only hit me on my upper lip, could've ended way worse.
- My computer broke. I can't work on my game until it's fixed.
- And speaking of the game, ROBLOX banned my game. And now I have to restart. Cool.
added a new editor, i've been working on it for a while and it's finally finished
also theres new donations in-game, give me your money
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i forgot to tell everyone that there's a discord server for the game:

also merry late christmas
there was an animation but gifs are broken here
you can find the animation here:

update: his new official name is gavity the potogen
i really want to mod this into srb2K
it would probably be fun
haha look at the little fluff ball haha little baby man little small little baby man haha

he flooded jcfurry with pillows
this is literally just a redraw of something i made like two weeks ago lmao

o3o.. tons more posts.

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