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DisposalProtogen @DisposalProtogen

A Trash/Linux loving Disposal Proto/Synth


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(Thursday, March 17 2022)
For my birthday, someone did a commission for me. I absolutely love it, and the creator is @MikaTheWolfy on Twitter!

Mika made the pic for me, and Disposer is my Synth OC.

The character is Disposer, an M3 Garbo Synth from The Filth.

As of this is my Sona, I kindly ask that you do NOT redistribute this image, especially given it's commissioned. Thank you all kindly!
(Image posted under authorization)
(Thursday, March 17 2022)
GrinDIR was my first OC I made years ago, and this is my first art of him! I've been working on my drawing allot since that time and hopefully soon I can update it a bit! ^^

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(Thursday, March 17 2022)

“At long last, we are home.”
(Tuesday, November 23 2021)

Claw about to be finished

Really shiny, way too shiny, in fact.
(Thursday, March 17 2022)

Twitter : @LoicTomatot
A fun commission for Cursed Dragon I did a while back.
(Saturday, January 01 2022)
This is a commission of my synth Rockbyte mining! 

Art by @pwettydwagowoof on twitter
(Wednesday, March 16 2022)
Some art I made of My Protogen, now even more shiny

o3o.. tons more posts.

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