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ProtoHub is an image posting website for the furry community, with the pourposte of helping mehcanical / electrical furries share art and to help the furry community find and grow that side of the community.

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Diegochh @Diegochh

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Twitter: @Diegochh3

Diegochh's posts

I don't know if this goes here because its technically part protogen but I will put it here anyway
Commission a from a friend

Why don't you go check out my Twitter too ->
A drawing I did for @furResai that you can also find it right here >

Sorry for not posting but I didn't know what to post that is protogen or synth related (Woah now it's two protogens in a row, can you believe it xD)
Is it possible to get 20 followers in this place? Why don't we try out and achieve that mark, maybe a surprise will happen if we do

Why don't you check my twitter and leave a follow:
WoAaAaH two synth posts back to back? I'm breaking my pattern of uploads but I swear I will post a protogen post once I have an idea

Why don't you check out my Twitter too and drop a follow, trying to reach 150 to get unstuck from the 120 digit:
You know the rules of my posts, sorry for not uploading for a long time but I couldn't come up with something synth related until I found a base that looked like the thing I want him to be so I decided to color that and here's the results and maybe because I haven't had a lot of stuff to draw

And like the protogen he has no name, I asked my friend because he previously owned the synth but I did not like the name so I am thinking of another one
Made a little drawing of my proot and my boyfriend for pride month even though it's not pride month yet, hehe I get distracted a lot

Posted the drawing on Twitter too:
Why don't you leave a like there too?
Did a little drawing for a synth friend just for fun, now I have ran out of ideas of what to draw
Reposting it because it got deleted, anyway imma keep on working on my other drawings
Don't you love it when you have a lot of projects in the work but can't get a single one done? Yeah me too, anyway probably will post a drawing tomorrow if I finish it
Imma put this here too, drew a base for my proot, still don't have a name for him though
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They are not mechanical furries for no reason!

Tiny gif size//
You can see the full version with sound here on my twitter!
I finally had the courage to draw something. Once again, I tried some new things.
I'm currently sick at home feeling absolutely horrible. This was a good distraction from it.
a lil doodle
Proto in a box
Big Prots looking for a nice and loving home!

Check links for adopt status and for offers
loom at em go

o3o.. tons more posts.

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