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This is ProtoHub, the absolute best place for protogen happy art, synth art, and G.E.M. art!!
ProtoHub is an image posting website for the furry community, with the pourposte of helping mehcanical / electrical furries share art and to help the furry community find and grow that side of the community.

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Blackstar @BlackStar1124

OwO / twitter accout: @BlackStar1244

Twitter: @BlackStar1244

Blackstar's posts

Old version of blackstar
Me without the wings (I don't draw wings oftan) OwO, my first post =) .even protogen like head pats.
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yes i am irish
there was an animation but gifs are broken here
you can find the animation here:

update: his new official name is gavity the potogen
(Wednesday, November 17 2021)
(Thursday, March 17 2022)

“At long last, we are home.”
issa beee
look at it
I been looking around this place for a bit while I got scared talking to new but seeing other ppl posting there protogens on here looks like fun so yeah!

(btw I'm sorry if my spelling or grammar is terrible lol and I'm new here :<)
(Thursday, January 06 2022)
bit of an update the only thing changing is the sidemonitor logo.

o3o.. tons more posts.

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