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(Monday, March 07 2022)star blanketcomfy man
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(Monday, March 07 2022)
star blanket
comfy man

Daww hehe, he looks so comfy :0
from Cyro The Otter Dragon

@CyroPaws he is the yes
gently holds the he
from WorldBuilderPix

OwO it's so CUUUUUTE
from ProtoPathOwOgen

@ProtoPathOwOgen thankeeeey
small cosmic man gets the space blanket
from WorldBuilderPix

i want a blanky like that
from xerotheprotogen

@xerotheprotogen if you want you can ask the he
from WorldBuilderPix

@WorldBuilderPix can i hab the blanky plz? am very cold
from xerotheprotogen

@xerotheprotogen yes you can hav the bankey
from WorldBuilderPix

@WorldBuilderPix yay
from xerotheprotogen

@xerotheprotogen :)
from WorldBuilderPix

can i hug you pls
from Hertz

@WorldBuilderPix yes
from Rio_Protogen

@hertztheproto definitely
from WorldBuilderPix

@RioProto indeed
from WorldBuilderPix

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