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(Damn, not here!) @AngelTheDemonCat

Goodbye Protohub. Thanks for the love and support, and I hope to see you someday. -Azu


(Damn, not here!)'s newest posts

I hope to see y'all sometime next... year? IDK, but Cyro, Quadros, Midi, and all y'all fluffbutts (hehe) someday. I will miss all of you, and I will remeber the fun times I've had on here if I don't get to see you again. I love you all SOOOO MUCH. You are loved, and don't do anything stupid. Please. Bye..... 

also heres this for one last time
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guys im crushing on one of my best friends


guys no help me they dont go to my school
my face is red and btw u wont guess who i like and if you do idk what to do



eeeeeeeeee idk 
(also dont have any ideas on the "male, and protogen" tags. NO THOUGHTS xc)

sorry i had to say that ugh

i cant leave protohub without telling yall this
also my gf lost interest in me but it ok we still friends

Why a I so goofy playing fortnite tho
i kno that has "nothing" to do with this but still (yeah sure right)
*fluffy grey proot casually eats a cookie* 
*azu tries to take cookie*
*whacks with "Very Long Tail UwU"*

Am i being sus???? xc
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I made this google forms so that way we could get to know each other more. I also asked yall what ur phone number is so that way i can text you on my phone even when im not on protohub.
Its blocked on my phone, so just send me thew pictures you are posting. (UNLESS ITS NSFW. MY MOM LOOKS THROUGH IT.) Thx<3
-Your belogved friend, Azu
Also i will make it a group chat so we can all talk and get notifications.
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This Thrusday, I will be leaving protohub. Because of that, I'd reccomend you add me on fortnite if you have it. My user name is Kifeda. The reason why is because the semester will come to an end meaning that I will be switching connection classes. Luckily, i will be in art class. I am just letting you know that I may not post for a long time starting thurstday until senventh grade if i get this class again. I may never be on here gain. BTW I will also post a picture of a dragon mask i made with a moving jaw. Love you guys!
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"When I popped then your girl gave me just a little bit of lockjaw. Baby so cold he from the North, he from the Canada. Bankroll so low, I got nothing else that I can withdraw
Ran out the door
I shine my wrist, it go like chachacha, chachacha
I got your bitch singing lalalala, lalala
I shine my wrist, it go like chachacha, chachacha
I got your bitch singing lalalala, lalala
How I stride like that?"
*Azu casually sings his favorite song*
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This is just a cute comic I made
19 2
Azu UnMasked.
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Hey Rio! I've been practicing drawing Protogens, and when I was scrolling through your profile, and I saw a post of your OC/Fursona so I thought I'd give drawing him a try. So yeah, I hope you like this art!
Note: I still have to outline him in pen, and also I didn't know what his legs or tail looked like so I just drew the basic tail and legs, but I still think it looks amazing.
18 2
This is a F2U base by me, feel free to use it in any digital art layers, or trace it on paper! Here are the rules to this base:

DO NOT: remove my signature 
You may use in any website but put link to this post
DO NOT claim the base as your own 
You may use this base for adoptables and character art.
And yes I made the species of protogen, "Feathertail". I searched the web for it and nothing I saw had a Protogen in it. At least not feathertail protogen.
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Hello guys, today (February 28th) is Azu's B-day, or should I say C-Day, for created day!
Yup, his engineer, the one who fixes him and updates him, is here! Maybe I will give him a cool update! So when it is his birthday, a little song plays! Maybe his theme song, Blood//Water! His cousin, Galaxy, is also here to celebrate! 
So get yourself together (Proto-pun intended), and let's celebrate his 15th year of existence!
(At least, canonically. Still can't pronounce that word either, Rio.  canonicolciali? conicalie? codhnwekwhsj- ERROR-6242: WORD, CAN'T PRONOUNCE. *ERROR, ERROR*)
Oh god..... Anyways... Let's just say chronologically. HAH! I can pronounce chronologically but not canonically. UGh.
Anyways, Happy birthday Azu!
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I found this art. Online.
I looked myself up and I found this, ADORABLE FANART!!!
idk who made this, but whoever did, I AM IN LOVE!!!! This is so cute, and I love the fact he's holding, a disc??? correct me if not. Maybe he was going to play some music or a disc video whatever thats called on his visor
BUT WHATEVER THE CONTEXT, i just want to know that I feel apreciated and loved. Thank you.
And if the artist is reading this, put your name below.
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i lookerd up poop on my friend's computer and clicked on a picture of baby poo
19 2
Yeah, ummm...
I got the Shadow plush from a claw machine at Dave and Buster's... Or so I tried to.
I used ALL OF MY TOKENS. ALL OF THEM. Didn't get it.
And my brother got the exact one first try.
Next thing you know, I am crying. So my brother, very kindly is like: "You know what? Here, have it."
And then I'm like still crying but happy tears, then I calm down. I just couldn't get over the thing I just freaking recieved.
I texted Rio yesterday and said "juicy feet" with a cursed picture of my forehead. He'll tell you, in fact since my parents blocked anything not school related on my phone, I can try to convince him to post it for me since the picture isn't on here, it's on my phone.
BTW this message is for Cyro:
Are you the owner of Protohub or something, because all of a sudden you are very popular within the Protohub community. When I looked it up your Twitter showed up or something. 
Anyways, have a fluffing good day y'all!
15 1
+yes i am a fangirl in case u cant tell already
also yesterday i was reading a "lemon" shadow x reader fanfic AT CHURCH which was real unholy and incase u dont kno wUT A LEMON FANFIC IS ITS JUST AN EXTREMELY SEXUAL FANFIC
18 1
Click link in title please
Sorry if it's cringe
And yes me and my furry therian friend 'Little Wolf' texted that
I assume she was trying to tell me a knock knock joke
18 2
I have to view my comments/post at school because it's blocked for my phone due to my stupid settings
😩 Ugh 
But yeah I took this picture a couple of days ago
I can check my notifications but not my posts
17 1
I am using my phone to post this.
Eeee I can use this app over the weekend
BTW that is me at church eating pizza
(Did I post this twice??)
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I am using my phone to post this.
Eeee I can use this app over the weekend
BTW that is me at church eating pizza
19 0
The picture will blow it away.... Pun not intended.....
I like rock music, and my two favorites are: 
I Am All Of Me - Crush 40
Live and Learn - Crush 40
20 2
Made them looks less creepy, also yes the reason his eyes are grey is because he is partially blind, he can still see just a bit blurry, so he trips often.
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(Damn, not here!)'s slightly older posts

OwO, it's a rare user that hasn't posted!!
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(Damn, not here!)'s recent likes

Made this pumpkin themed Skulldog for Potatogen, he requested that I make a pumpkin themed drawing. Might as well call it a pup-kin. 

P.S You own him now Potatogen. You are officially the owner of this Skulldog. You can name him whatever you'd like, and any personality!!!
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o3o.. tons more posts.

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