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hofipeak @hofipeak

I am synth / 2D artist / SFW / English...Error.

Twitter: @HofiPeak

hofipeak's posts

This is a small photo session for 
I am ready to present to you my project, on which I have been working for a long time. OwO

A little about Hofi he is a junior scientist of the outer ring.

(Synth creator @VaderSan!)
Synth Diesel works as a mechanic aboard the space shuttle. During a recent mission, several asteroids crashed into the shuttle, and now he is engaged in repairs with his music player at his side.

Also thanks Para
 for help!
just not sick work with me
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Here's a drawing of me resting on some grass.
Ryzen hugging his big tail >~> 
And Synth paws >~<
original title: tanza went to the countryside for one reason; and it's this landscape
was too long to fit in

this is one of my earlier renders, with the V1 of the rig, though in my opinion it's still a beautiful one
(traduit en anglais par mods) What? you want ... Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep okay ~!
 A big hug from my nice fox demon from Shiretsuna who sent me this as a gift.
 Drawing made by Raptoral Thanks again to you two
By Tyberus on Pinterest ^^
Hehe ^w^
My synth boi, Ryzen. He likes technology and big dragon tails >~<
By St4rS6 on twitter

I looooooove this piece so much
And you're not allowed to deny it either :)
protogen lad that i made a while back with the protogen creator
second raffle winner's art.

o3o.. tons more posts.

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