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Cosmic Horror @CosmicHorror

Wanna see art of my other characters? Check out my (sfw) FA!


Cosmic Horror's posts

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I don't think he gets it
19 4
Thought I'd test using thin lines rather than what I normally do, as well as soft shading
20 3
So I tried getting the slightly pixelated style of games like changed but Idk how to do it without a tiny canvas so :/
18 3
Im sure he'll be fine, we saved plenty of memory backups beforehand
18 4
Little fight scene for a meme I found on r/furry_irl
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22 7
Imagine if furries shed as much as you would expect something covered in hair to do so

Especially in this summer heat amirite?
26 3
Smh it's that easy

(Reupload because I forgot his tail o3o)
22 2
Who cares about the practicality of a hand-projected hologram screen over a traditional computer/phone device? It just looks cool!
21 3
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Cosmic Horror's recent likes

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A quick comic I made XD

It’s my first ever comic, so I hope it’s not horrible lol
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19 5
For an art raffle I did on my twitter
21 3
I’m bored right now, if anyone’s on rn I wanna chat with ya. Here or in proton mail
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21 4
I was scrolling through my gallery and found A.R.K. :D
22 10
I finally came out to my family! It felt so good to let it out! :3 I just need to come out to my stepdad’s side 🙄 and his gf’s son is gonna probably gonna try to get as far away from me as possible (I’m pretty sure he’s homophobic)
21 2
im trying to make artwork with the uhhhhh airbrush
21 3

o3o.. tons more posts.

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